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List Of Markets In Nnewi || More About Nkwo Nnewi

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List Of Markets In Nnewi || More About Nkwo Nnewi

List Markets In Nnewi

Whenever people talk about trading in Nnewi,what comes to their minds is Nkwọ Nnewi.Over the years,people have been thinking that Nnewi has just one market,and that the name of the market is Nkwọ Nnewi. This thinking is not true as Nnewi has so many international and local markets.All these big markets in Nnewi are located almost next to each other and that’s why people casually refer to all of them as ‘Nkwọ Nnewi’

There are so many markets in Nnewi where so many items are sold either in wholesale or in retail and the list is below ;

List Markets In Nnewi

1.New Motorcycle Spare Parts Market

This is the biggest new motorcycle spare parts market in Africa.It is one of the reasons Nnewi is called the automobile hub of Africa.In this market,different brands of new motorcycle spare parts are sold.Buyees from across Nigeria and Africa come all the way to buy from this market, because that’s where you get anything you’re looking for at at the best prices too.This market has produces thousands of billionaires and millionaires like Chief Innocent Chukwuma,the CEO of Innoson Vehicles and a whole lot of others

2.New Motor Spare Parts Market

This market is the second biggest new motor spare parts market in Nigeria after Trade fair market in Lagos.Peopoe from across Nigeria and Africa also buy from this market.This market has as well produced a lot of Billionaires and millionaires . New motor spare parts of different types and brands are sold in this market at the cheapest possible prices

3.Nwagbala Market,Nnewi

Here is a creatives hub.In this market,different kinds of fabrications are done.This is the market where one can buy complete motorcycles,be it fairly used or brand new.Road side motorcycle assembling also happen in this market.In this market,are different kinds of engineers who repair motorcycles and also those who wash motorcycles as they occupation,and they make huge money daily .In Nwagbala, Tricycle (Keke na pepe)is also sold here .

4. Nnewi Main Market(Ime Afia)

This is the market where general goods,body care products,food stuff,medicine,clothes and wears,etc are sold.It is the biggest among all the markets in Nnewi,by landmass.This market has also produced a lot of successful people

5.Building Materials Market, Nnewi

This is where building materials are sold from cement to road,doors,nails,roofs etc.The market occupies a street known as ‘Muodile street.There are so many wealthy people in this market too.

6.Electrical/Electronics market

This market is located by Old Onitsha road, Nnewi just close to Nnewi roundabout.This is where different types and brands of electrical appliances and electronics are sold.

7.Timber Dealers Market

Just as its name implies,this is where timber dealers operate.Differnt woods for construction works are sold in this market.There is a section for those processing the wood and section for those selling the processed woods.

8.Generator Parts Market

This is where generators and generator parts of different brands and capacities are sold in Nnewi



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