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How The Poorly Publicized Nnewi One Million March For Peter Obi And Yusuf Surprisingly Turned A Huge Success

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How The Poorly Publicized Nnewi One Million March For Peter Obi And Yusuf Surprisingly Turned A Huge Success

The Nnewi version of one million march for Peter Obi came with a short notice ,unlike the ones done in other cities and state.Not many people were aware of the rally.

On the  3rd of September,2022,very few people who learnt about the rally converged at  Eke Amobi market in Otolo,Nnewi as instructed in the flyers .At first ,it seemed like a mission impossible, as the numbers were not even up to 50 people.Some even suggested that the rally should be canceled .

Few more people came and people picked courage to kick off ,irrespective of the total people on ground not being up to hundred in number.

The rally kicked off,people joined Igwe Orizu road from Eke Amobi on a long march towards Nnewi round about.In less than 5 minutes into the rally,the numbers started increasing drastically, as people who saw what was going on were joining unprepared.Some people who normally exercise at Nnewi high school were also called on phone and were told what was happening.They quickly left Nnewi high school down to Igwe Orizu road to joined the rally.

In less than 20 minutes,those who were coming from Nnewi high school arrived at the point of progress of the rally at Igwe Orizu road.

It was a moment of frenzy

Everyone was literally dancing ,jumping ,jubilating and singing all manner of praises in support of Peter Obi and Yusuf.

From there,the energy and excitement multiplied .The spirits of those that were low were swifty lifted and the rally pressed on.More people kept on joining.

Adding some Nnewi sauce to the rally were many bike men who were at the forefront of the rally,performing all manner of stunts and show offs with their bikes,all having the Labour Party flags.

By the time the rally progressed to Nnewi round about,people were already in thousands .Everywhere was full of traffic jam.

When the rally went beyond Old Ibeto junction towards Edo-Ezemewi road(Bank road),that was when the entire roads were shut down for several minutes, as it was a busy business day and that’s the commercial nerve centre of the city.

From there ,the rally continued and the crowds kept increasing.

It was really an incredible turn out for a rally by Nnewi,a city that’s not known to have a rally culture ,neither is the city known for taking political matters seriously.

This proves that people are really tired of bad governance ,and that they now understand the importance of active political participation .

Indeed,Nnewi is Obidient

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