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Nnewi: City of Gods

Anambra News

Nnewi: City of Gods

Written by Aguiyi Anaedo

I come from a City where before Africa knew what a Rolls Royce was, it was rolling around like a spaceship in Nnewi, with its all soft leather interior, propelled by a couple of horses under the hood, fully air conditioned and looking like a piece of astral projection material

I come from the same City as Sir Louis Odumegwu Ojukwu, the same man who singlehandedly funded Nnamdi Azikiwe and his mates who pushed for Nigeria’s Independence and as a matter of fact, he was the unseen hand in Britain agreeing to grant Nigeria her Independence, so basically, Nigeria and Ndi Igbo owe Nnewi a great deal, than they realise

I come from a City where we may not spend 4 years in the University but will gladly spend 7 years igba boy which saw us grow our economics locally, providing a stable foundation for future generations to afford Harvard, Oxford and every Ivy League schools in the world. While others were busy spraying grammar, we were busy growing our funds. Now we can afford anything we want and they wonder how we did

I come from a City where we have at least a Billionaire in every umunna and at least a multimillionaire in every extended family so nobody intimidates anybody, equity and freedom of speech is paramount, a truly republican community where any can be called out and held accountable regardless of his status and achievements. This has made the City progress astronomically and across board

I come from a City where we love money but money is not King. A City with a very long memory so we never forget anything be it good or bad. A City that demands the very best from You for you to be relevant

I come from a City people pretend to love but hate for no reason. Is it because we know how to make money and live to the fullest? Is it because we are inherently intelligent, smart and extremely hard working? Is it because we know what we want and know exactly how to get it? Is it because we perform miracles by creating things from thin air in such a short a period of time? Is it because we are fearless, can’t be held down or caged

I come from a City where once you blow up and get rich, everyone else says you are a criminal simply because they can’t wrap their hands around how we make things happens from nothing

I come from a City where our women break and set records but are not slay queens or feminists. They still cook, clean, stay married yet rule over States, Ministries and Federations. A City where women drive market prices and determine the Commerce singlehandedly

I come from a City where the Youths are dominant in every sphere of life you can name and doing exceptionally well in hopes of becoming the next line of Gods and inspiration to the next generation just as we look up to the current Gods and legendary Gods before them for inspiration, guidance and mentorship

When I walk, I am well aware of the responsibilities I carry on my shoulders and I feel the weight every second of the day and it’s up to me to make it through the crown of thorns and become a God

Nnewi and proud … Today, Tomorrow and Forever!


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