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The Success Story Of Innoson Vehicles And Peter Obi’s Input

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The Success Story Of Innoson Vehicles And Peter Obi’s Input

The success story of Innoson Vehicles is such that depicts resilience .Innoson Vehicles factory  was opened in Nnewi in the year 2010 as a subsidiary of Innoson group of companies ,which already had so many other subsidiaries before then.

Shortly after Innoson Vehicles opened their manufacturing plant in Nnewi,the then governor of Anambra State ,His excellency Mr Peter Obi purchased over 1000 units of different Innoson Vehicles which he distributed across different sectors in Anambra State,including security,health and education sectors .

Peter Obi receiving Innoson Vehicles he bought in Nnewi as a governor of Anambra State

That was like a headstart for Innoson Vehicles, and it encouraged the company to take even more bold steps.The CEO of Innoson vehicles Chief Innocent Chukwuma and his elder brother Chief Gabriel Chukwuma have always expressed their gratitude to Mr Peter Obi.

The journey has never been smooth, especially considering the challenges industrialists face in Nigeria,but it has been worth it.Innoson Vehicles has continued to grow from strength to strength, and there has never been a better last year.

Today,Innoson Vehicles now has so many models of vehicles to their credit, and their customers’ satisfaction have been encouraging.Some of the Innoson Vehicles vehicle models include Innoson IVM Ikenga,Innoson Caris,Innoson G60,Innoson Granite,Innoson Fox, Innoson G60,Innoson carrier etc

Innoson IVM G80
Innoson IVM Caris

Innoson Vehicles is also being patronized across Africa,as countries like Mali ,Sierra Leone etc keep ordering their vehicles , which is actually a good thing for Nigeria’s economy .

Innoson Vehicles is truly THE PRIDE OF AFRICAN ROADS

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