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Nnewi Tech Faculty:A Fast Growing Tech Hub/Community In Anambra State,Nigeria

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Nnewi Tech Faculty:A Fast Growing Tech Hub/Community In Anambra State,Nigeria

As Tech has become the talk and do of the day, so many Tech communities have been springing up across Africa and the world. This is very necessary so one doesn’t get left behind by the modern trends

What Is Tech In This Context?

Many people usually get confused when people talk about Tech. Tech which is the short form of the word ‘Technology‘ is assumed by many to be the use of modern equipments in doing things for ease and time saving.

The above definition of Tech is not wrong, however, the Tech the world is talking about today is the digital ways of carrying out tasks, solving problems etc using computer softwares and phone applications designed for a particular task or to solve a particular problem.

Why Embrace Tech?

Unlike decades and centuries ago when so many jobs,business transactions, problem solving, meetings etc are done through physical contact, most things are now done the digital way.

People no longer need to meet physically to do so many things.

This is the reason why everybody, especially the youths need to acquire one or two Tech skills that are in high demand globally. This will enable people work from home, as so many physical jobs are phasing out.Tech has also made it easier for people to do business transactions from home, get their problems solved while at home.

The importance of Tech cannot be overemphasized

About Nnewi Tech Community

Some members of Nnewi Tech Faculty

In order for Nnewi not to be left behind in Tech, a group of young and bright minds have come together to form a Tech community known as NNEWI TECH FACULTY. The Tech people in Nnewi Tech Community comprise of both experts who are well knowledgeable in Tech, and newbies with the zeal to learn more about Tech and Tech skills.

It’s a community where Tech people learn and create together.

Mr Achusim, the convener of Nnewi Tech Community

Nnewi Tech Faculty is currently on so many projects, which they’re creating for Nnewi as a commercial and Industrial city, for Anambra as commercial and industrial state and even more.

Before now, Nnewi Tech Faculty have developed a social faculty app called DEAR CLAIRE which is available for download on Android playstore and IPhone IOS.

Dear Claire app developed by Nnewi Tech Community

Those who wish to reach out to, or join Nnewi Tech Community can do so on Twitter here or on Facebook

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1 Comment

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