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“Nnewi’s Ayaka Security System: Safeguarding Tradition and Peace”

Culture and Tradition

“Nnewi’s Ayaka Security System: Safeguarding Tradition and Peace”

“Nnewi’s Ayaka Security System: Safeguarding Tradition and Peace”

Nnewi's Ayaka Security System

Nnewi’s Ayaka Security System

Nnewi, a town known for its prosperity, faces an important challenge in maintaining order and security within its thriving community. To address this need, Nnewi has turned to a time-honored, traditional method of peacekeeping known as the Ayaka security system.

The Ayaka security system isn’t just a way to maintain peace; it’s one of the oldest security systems in the southeastern region of Nigeria, with its origins tracing back to the 1970s. This venerable system is deeply rooted in local culture and tradition and revolves around the captivating use of masquerades.

Ayaka, is essentially a type of masquerade that emerges predominantly during the night, around 10 PM, and remains a presence until the dawn of the next day. But this isn’t just about keeping the peace; it’s a fascinating cultural phenomenon full of mystery and tradition.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Ayaka security system is the secrecy surrounding the identities of those who wear the masquerades. Until an individual who is part of the Ayaka security system passes away, their true identity remains hidden behind the mask. The revelation happens during the burial ceremony when the masquerades pay their final respects, revealing the person as a recognized member of this enigmatic security tradition. Until this solemn moment, the person behind the mask remains a mystery to all, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the system.

What makes the Ayaka security system unique is its unwavering efficiency and resilience. Unlike many modern security measures that may be influenced by external factors, including political pressures, Ayaka remains a stronghold of tradition. This steadfast commitment to its roots ensures that it operates independently and remains impervious to external manipulation. Its dedication to preserving peace within Nnewi has solidified its reputation as one of the most dependable and enduring forms of security in the region.

As mentioned earlier, Ayaka masquerades perform at night, and during their performance, movement for inappropriate reasons is discouraged. To prepare the community for their arrival, another masquerade comes out in the evening, around 6 to 7 PM, on the same day because Ayaka does not operate every single day. This evening masquerade sings and moves around the town, effectively warning people about the impending Ayaka presence. Additionally, town criers go out to provide earlier warnings, ensuring everyone stays indoors and avoids coming home late.

Anyone caught returning home late without a valid reason faces consequences. However, if a person has a reasonable excuse, especially in the case of an emergency, they are released, often after offering the masquerade specific drinks as requested. In cases where there is no valid excuse, the person’s vehicle is often seized until specific requirements are met.

When someone commits an offense, the Ayaka security system takes charge and traditionally seeks to uncover the truth. To learn more about this traditional way of uncovering the truth, known as “AFA,” you can refer to our previous post and interviews.

Wherever this system is used, it enjoys a reputation for keeping communities free from thieves, criminals, and all forms of wrongdoing, making it highly reliable and trusted by the people. In a world that’s changing fast, it’s heartwarming to see Nnewi holding onto this unique and effective tradition for the safety and peace of its residents.


Nnewi’s Ayaka Security System.



Nnewi’s Ayaka Security System


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