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The 59th Ofala Festival Of Igwe Kenneth Orizu(lll) Of Nnewi || Ofala Nnewi 2022

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The 59th Ofala Festival Of Igwe Kenneth Orizu(lll) Of Nnewi || Ofala Nnewi 2022

As the Igwe of Nnewi,His Royal Highness Igwe Kenneth Orizu the third clocked 97 years old in the year 2022,he also celebrated his 59 years on the throne.The 59th Ofala of Igwe Nnewi which is the foremost traditional ruler in Anambra State was graced by so many personalities,colourful activities and wide attendance.It was indeed an Ofala like no other

Ofala Nnewi is always done for two days which are the 28th and 29th days of every December.The first day is the day so many protocols are observed,so many rites performed and also a day for paying homage.It is usually more official than the second day.During the 2022 Ofala Nnewi celebration,many dignitaries like Mr Peter Obi, Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo who is the current governor of Anambra State and many others paid homage to the Igwe of Nnewi.

The second day is usually for masquerading.On the 29th of December 2022,the Igwe Nnewi’s Palace saw different faces of all the Masquerades in Nnewi and beyond.The crowd was also very overwhelming as people turned up in tens of thousands .The peak moment during the masquerading day was when the great Ajọfia,the Nnewi’s celebrity masquerade made an entrance into the palace .All other masquerades cleared from the stage and he took over.He stole the moment as everyone brought out their phones to snap and video his performance.Yes,he’s a celebrity masquerade !


So many people sprayed money on Ajọfia as he was exhibiting his spectacular performance that’s always accompanied with him singing his songs.Ajọfia is indeed revered .After the over 30 minutes performance of Ajọfia Nnewi masquerade,his exit from the palace around 6 pm was more like the end of the day,as so many people started going home.Many of them actually came because of Ajọfia so they’re already fulfilled .

The 2022 Ofala Nnewi celebration was indeed amazing and the tales will linger on the lips of everyone that witness the great festival

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