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Nnewi, One Of The Fastest Growing Cities In The World || Areas Experiencing The Most Rapid Growth

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Nnewi, One Of The Fastest Growing Cities In The World || Areas Experiencing The Most Rapid Growth

Nnewi, One Of The Fastest Growing Cities In The World || Areas Experiencing The Most Rapid Growth

So many international organisations have listed Nnewi, a city in Anambra state, Nigeria as one of the fastest growing cities in the world, in the last three years. This came as a shock to so many, especially those who have always known Nnewi to be just for trading and manufacturing.

However, anyone that knows Nnewi very well will attest to the fact that the economy of Nnewi have significantly been diversifying from Commerce and manufacturing, as so many other sectors are now experiencing rapid growth, and receiving serious attention by investors.This has also led to a tremendous increase in the population of the city.

Nnewi, One Of The Fastest Growing Cities In The World || Areas Experiencing The Most Rapid Growth

Some of the sectors that have been contributing to this rapid growth include;

1.Entertainment and hospitality:
Within the last four years, Nnewi has been experiencing a massive boom in the hospitality sector. So many booming lounges like Evo lounge, Panda gardens, Everfresh eatery, B. Robinson coffee house,CD 195 etc have set up in Nnewi.
Also,more than 15 hotels have opened within this period, with over 30 hotels still under construction. That’s definitely a huge one for the hospitality of the city.
Also, two big entertainment centres are fast getting completed in the city of Nnewi. One of the entertainment centres, Komworld will have the biggest cinema houses in West Africa on completion.It will also have games facilities for children and adults, lounges, cafes, film production and distribution studios etc.
Very massive opportunities are about to be created for creatives and entertainers in Nnewi, Anambra, South East and beyond.
The other entertainment/media centre opening in Nnewi is owned by Authority media house, and it’s said to be coming with a TV station, radio station, cinema houses, theatres and lots more.
With these, Nnewi is bracing up to become the entertainment hub of the region.

2.Health Sector :

Health is another sector that’s experiencing massive growth in Nnewi at the moment. The Permanent site of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching hospital, Nnewi is fast getting completed, to be able to contain all the facilities the temporary site could not accommodate The Chief Medical Director(CMD) said that when the permanent site is completed, it will help position Nnewi as the medical hub of South-East, Nigeria.Also in the health sector is Premium Kidney Hospital which was opened last year for kidney related issues. The state of the art Accunalysis diagnostic centre and Accu Care Foundation Hospital were also opened in the last four years.


3.Entreprenuership :
In the last fews years, so many people have relocated from different parts of Nigeria to Nnewi and majority of them go into entrepreneurship. SMEs are springing up in every part of the city. This is one of the reasons finding a shop or an outlet in the city is very difficult, as most new shops under construction is being taken up even before it’s completed.

4.Industrialization :
The industrial sector in Nnewi continues to get attention. In the last four years, Innoson has expanded his vehicle manufacturing factory, and he’s currently building another very massive Vehicle manufacturing factory in Nnewi, which will become the biggest on completion.Chicason group also established a recyling plant in the city.
Also in the industrial sector is Jolly jolly noodles manufacturing company that was opened in the year 2020.

Nnewi’s success and growth has always been like a miracle to many, as Nnewi is in the inner part of the state far from the two major interstate highways that passed the state and also the fact that the city has received little or no help from the government when it comes to infrastructural development.

Let’s look out for Nnewi, as the city is definitely changing to become what everybody will be proud of.

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