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Meet Amy Edward,A Phenomenal Creative Ghostwriter In The Commercial City Of Nnewi

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Meet Amy Edward,A Phenomenal Creative Ghostwriter In The Commercial City Of Nnewi

When people hear about Nnewi,what come to their minds is commerce and industries,as Nnewi has over the decades be renowned for having so many billionaires and millionaires,most of which made their wealth from trade and the industrial sector.

However,Nnewi’s economy has started diversifying that you no longer have to be a trader to make it big in Nnewi.There is currently a growing community of creatives in Nnewi who have been doing so well,but sadly haven’t gotten the publicity and recognition they deserve.
Today,we are bringing to the limelight a very phenomenal creative in Nnewi ,Ujunwanne Ngonadi,popularly known as Amy Edward.Amy Edward is a creative ghostwriter who has indeed been doing amazingly well in her ghostwriting career.

In the Nnewi Creatives Hangout that happened on the 31st December,2022 where Amy Edward was one of the speakers,she shared a very inspiring story about her journey as a ghostwriter .She talked about how she went from nothing to making her first 800 dollars from ghostwriting in the years 2018,and how it has even gotten much more juicy ever since.

According to Ujunwanne Ngonadi(Amy Edwards),there is serious money online,but one just has to decide which of the online platforms that works for him or her, whether it’s Facebook,Instagram,LinkedIn,YouTube ,Twitter etc.For her,it’s Facebook that does the magic.
In her speech during the hangout,Amy Edward narrated how being on Facebook for serious business made the difference for her, and also urged other creatives to always be on social media for serious business,as there are so many opportunities abound,instead of being there for gossips.

Amy Edward is the founder of Platinum Ghostwriters.She has so many writers under her tutelage and as staff too.She gets writing gigs from Canada,America and many other countries across the world,and all are done and delivered from Nigeria.That’s the beauty of the digital world

Amy Edward took a bold step to open the first ever workstation for writers in Nnewi,where writers can meet,network and learn about ghostwriting.

It’s always important to always celebrate people doing well in the creative industry,so that the younger ones will see there are many ways to make money online legitimately as a creative.

So today,we celebrate this amazing Anaedo and Igbo Queen



  1. Amy

    January 18, 2023 at 2:35 pm

    Awwwwn. I was blessed by the amazing souls and the intellects I was opportune to meet at the event. Thank you for the new year’s gift that keeps giving.

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