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Yoruba Community Living Among Igbos In Nnewi,Anambra State Celebrate 2023 Carnival

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Yoruba Community Living Among Igbos In Nnewi,Anambra State Celebrate 2023 Carnival

It was all fun on Sunday being the 4th of December,2022 as the Yoruba community living in Nnewi Anambra State celebrated their first ever Carnival in Nnewi.It was a moment of euphoria as the Yoruba community in Nnewi said they’ve been waiting for a time like this.

The event took place in Piccadilly hotel,which is located within Anaedo hall event centre premises,Otolo Nnewi. All the Yorubas were in uniform,a yellow T-shirt which they chose as the uniform of the day,except for very few persons that were not putting on the uniform.The day took off with them serving Amala and Ewedu to their members outside the event hall,even as they were setting up the sound system and live band,because Yoruba people cannot celebrate without OWAMBE,never !

Amala and Ewedu

As the number of people started increasing,the event took off with a prayer,all said in their local Yoruba language.You can’t help but love how the Yorubas are so proud of their language and culture.The event proceeded and they continued with so many activities they had for the day.They presented awards to some members,made some donations,recognitions and other necessary things.

Finally,it was time to party,the euphoria was too loud to be bottled.Truly,Yorubas and Owambe are a match made in heaven.The energetic female singer that mesmerized the audience with her sensational performance immediately took over the stage with the instrumentalists and backup singer.Immediately she took the mic and did an intro in Yoruba language,the crowd screamed.It was not up to five minutes she started performing and they were already spraying naira notes on her.She was too good with the Afrobeats and Jazz music performance.It was indeed a proper Yoruba party.

It’s time for Owambe

So many people quickly found their ways to the dance floor and they did what they know how to do best.As all these were going on,some others were outside consuming Amala and Ewedu copiously ,while still vibing to the music from there .One would think it was a Yoruba party happening in Yoruba dominated areas in Lagos like Mushin because honest,nothing was missing.

The music rolled on until dusk and people started leaving gradually.The event was brought to an end when the live performance was brought to an end.

Some of the members of Yoruba community in Nnewi were interviewed and they expressed delight living in Nnewi .They said that Nnewi people are very accommodating and that they’ve been living peacefully with their host.

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